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Alice Colombari is an italian young woman, who moved  to the Netherlands in 2014 and started her new life following her dreams and her passions.

She was born in Modena the 7th of June 1995 , and she has been living in Castelfranco Emilia for all of her life until 2014.

She attended the hotel school in Castel San Pietro Terme, the Bartolomeo Scappi institute, and she holds two degrees: the first one is a professional degree ( vote 100/100) and second one is an international degree ( 97/100).

The passion for cooking has really deep roots in her life, she was always pretending to be a cook , even when she used to play with a purple  "toy kitchen" that  her mother bought for her after a terribly long period of requests.

At the age of ten, Alice, was already cooking, most of the time making a mess in the kitchen with her mum or grandma , and when she turned 14 she started the hotel school and the same summer , she asked a restaurant to be allowed to start an internship at their place. After that moment Alice grew a professionality that brought her working in many other nice and luxurious places. 

Now she started her new projects and she begun in 2017 her "Alice Restaurant" in Groningen, that was named by the Volkskrant "the best italian restaurant in the Netherlands".


"What is my signature? 

My signature is my tradition , the suitcase full of experiences, feelings, memories that I always bring with me as the basic ingredients for my dishes. 

The product that most defines my personality and my cooking is hand made pasta. I learned how to make handmade pasta from an old lady who was taking me into the fantastic world of handmade pasta . Her name is Graziella and she was like an angel to me, she taught me how to work with eggs and flour. Thanks to her I understood how important it is to hand our rich tradition down to the new generation, to make sure that this art is not going to be lost in the future."


Alice has been working to follow her dreams to become a cook and an ambassador of Italian tradition since she was really young. The most remarkable experiences she had were: having the chance to attend an internship with the best chef in the world : Massimo Bottura chef patron of "Osteria Francescana"( ***)  in Modena in 2012. Another remarkable experience was working at the famous hotel "Fortino Napoleonico"in Portonovo (AN) with the chef Paolo Antinori, a real master in 2013

Alice also worked about three years in a nice patisserie in her home town , Castelfranco Emilia,  and in the meantime she was going to school ( 2011-2013), and she learned from the patissier Marco Biasi the secrets of this job.

She has also competed in the "Gran trofeo d'oro della ristorazione Italiana " in 2013 together with her friend and colleague Michele under the supervision of the chef Giorgio Celotti. They presented the menu that won the competition.

In 2014 Alice with Michele competed also in Bologna , in the famous "Palazzo Re Enzo" for the best "Sfogline" ( the competition was about rolling pasta with the rolling pin ) and they won that as well.

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Alice Colombari

Chef de cuisine and patisserie

"I would like to  transmit  my passion for italian cuisine, for my tradition and for the excellences of my home Nation. 

I am trying to walk with my career in both nation in parallel, to start a great cooperation. 

The goal of my life is showing that the over publicized "chef life"can be for women too, and that cooking is all about loving your job and making people feeling at home.


E: alicecolombari@hotmail.com

T: +31 (0) 611844395

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