Focaccia with dry tomatoes


500g Flour 00

200g Water

100g Milk

10g Honey

10g Salt

7g Fresh yeast

20g Extra virgin Olive Oil

150g Dry tomatoes

Procedure :

in the bowl of your mixing machine ( you can make the dough also without a mixing machine) put the flour and the salt. Put together in the water the other ingredients except the extra virgin olive oil, and stir them all together. When the yeast is melted in the liquid, pour it slowly in the flour and knead it until you have a nice formed dough. Keep kneading it and pour the extra virgin olive oil in the bowl containing the dough. Knead and let the oil be absorbed by the dough.

When the dough is nice and smooth, stop kneading, take it out of the bowl and give it the form of a ball.

Let it rise for about 3 hours at room temperature. After the three hours put it in an oven tray and let it rise for another hour.

Put some extra virgin olive oil on the dough and make holes on the surface with your fingers. Now you can put your dry tomatoes on top, paying particular attention in pushing them nicely inside.

Bake it in a preheated oven on 170 degrees for 35/40 minutes.

After baking in the oven, spread some extra virgin olive oil and water on the top of your focaccia and let it absorb.

Notes: you can keep your focaccia with dry tomatoes fresh for a few days by wrap it in plastic. Another useful way can be freeze it an defrost it when you want to consume it.

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