Rice cake , recipe from my grandma Lea ( the recipe has been modified because of the availability of the ingredients)

In this quarantine time, you can't always find what you need especially here abroad. For this reason I always say that cooking is like playing, you can always try to modify your recipe based on the ingredients you can find. In this case I couldn't find the appropriate Amaretti, so I had to use what in the Netherlands they call bitterkoekjes.

A little review on that product: I have never bought them before this time. I can clearly say that they are not even close to the Amaretti normally used to make this kind of cake. They are actually not very good, they are hard and gummy. It's nearly impossible to blend them with an home blender if you don't want to break it.

In this case i melted them in a little bit of the warm milk in which the rice was cooking. I have created a sort of baby food with it, a mush.

In the recipe you will see that I will write the right ingredient so you will find in the ingredients "crumbled amaretti", but the video will not respect the recipe.


1l Milk

130g Rice ( Carnaroli is the one I have used in the recipe)

320g Sugar

100g Crumbled Amaretti cookies

100g Candied fruit ( Canditi)

50g Sliced almonds

4 Eggs

50cl Amaretto or Mandorla Amara

Lemon zest

Vanilla or Aroma


In a pan cook the rice in the milk together with grated lemon zest and vanilla. don't forget to keep it stirred while you cook it otherwise the rice will irredeemably stick on the bottom of the pan. When the rice is cooked then you switch off the fire and you add the sugar in the warm milk. Now , let it cool down and rest for about 6 hours.

After the resting time, add the crumbled amaretti, the sliced amandels, 20 of the 50 cl of Mandorla Amara or Amaretto, the eggs and the candied fruit. Stir the ingredients together and when you have a good amalgamated product, put it in an oven tray covered with baking paper. Cook it in a preheated oven on 180 degrees for about 45/50 minutes.

Take it out of the oven and sprinkle the surface of the warm cake with the leftover liquor.

Wait till the cake is cooled down before eating it.

Enjoy it, and think of my grandma a little bit, I do it every time!

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