Zuppa di Fagioli con Maltagliati

Bean soup with Maltagliati

This dish was originally a poor family recipe during war time. It was made back in time from the Rezdore, name used for the men's wifes.

The Rezdora was, indeed, in charge of cooking, taking care of the children, of the husband and she was the primary housekeeper.

With the word Rezdora, nowadays , we like to refer to grandmothers because it gives this mistic and ancient touch to all the cooking skills they have .

Rezdora is still an headpiece of the tradition of Modena, but we can easily say that she is a headpiece in the tradition of the region Emilia Romagna .

Learning the secret from Graziella one of the most famous Rezdora from Castelfranco Emilia

All used in the recipe is what you can find in this difficult period. The ingredients may be not the traditional ones, but this is all we can do. We must enjoy what we have and stay safe inside our homes. This way we will give our contribution to the sanitary system that is really busy helping sick people. There are multiple things we can do at home, like cooking for example!

Ingredients for the soup:

300g Dry beans (borlotti beans would be better, but these beans are fine too) 1 onion 100g Pancetta Vegetables broth Parmesan Cheese crust

Salt and Pepper q.b.

Pasta ingredients: 2 eggs 200g flour Procedure: Put dry beans in cold water for at least 10/12 hours. In a pan fry slightly onion and pancetta, then add the beans and keep cooking it for at least 4 minutes. Add vegetable broth ( or boiling water if you don't have that, but then I suggest to fry slightly also some celery and carrots together with your pancetta and onion soup base)and Parmesan Cheese crusts. Let it boil for about 1,5/2 hours on a small fire pit. Add salt and pepper an a bit of rosemary. When the beans are cooked ( they should be soft and easy to blend ) , blend your soup and if you do not like bean skin , filter it with a chinois strainer while you are blending it. Taste it and add eventually salt and pepper. Pasta: Knead together flour and eggs and make a nice and smooth dough. Roll out the dough after it rested a little bit (10/15 minutes). Pasta slices should be more or less 1/1,5 mm thick. Let it dry and then cut it in irregular pieces. . When you are ready with both things, put the soup on the stove and let it boil (keep an eye if it sticks on the bottom of the pan) . When it boils, put pasta in the soup and let it cook for about 4 minutes while you are stirring it. Serve it with extra virgin olive oil and eventually some grated Parmesan Cheese.

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