"I think that a recipe can be easily the metaphor of life; when you are a child your parents are conducting and guiding you to your future life through their own path, but someday you will be curious enough to try to look outside and take a walk on another trail. You know you always have the chance to go back to what it's safe, but there will be nothing better to say than "I did it!" at the end."

I wanted to start a recipe blog even if there are many others to give an impression of what the food looks like without a professional camera. All the food pictures below will show the result of the recipe the way it will look for an amateur who cooks at home.

When I started cooking I have been most of the time frustrated because my dish was always looking worse than the dish I have been trying to make.

I had always a different view in my mind of what the recipe that I patiently made, following all the steps, should have looked like, but with the time I understood that the big difference was made from the camera used to take the picture.

Another thing I have learned following food bloggers and trying their recipes is that a recipe can't be 100% accurate. There are too many aspects to take into account when you cook and some of them (especially if and talk about home cooking) are beyond your control. An example could be made thinking of your kitchen tools, not everyone has the same. The oven is one of the most tricky tool, it never works the same way and you can't trust it too much, you should always have a good eye on your preparation, see and feel if everything is going in the direction you want to . Another thing is the availability of some ingredients, you can't find everywhere the same products and this is what makes cooking interesting and challenging. You must be able to play with your ingredients, you must be able to feel and to detect what you can do with what you have and especially you must never give up trying to find your own way to cook.

I still search on internet recipes that I like to make to surprise my family and friends. What I always do is following the recipe step by step for the first time and then change the recipe according to my own thoughts and combinations.

A recipe is a tip and a guideline that gives you the idea of ​​what you should do to get to a certain result, but you have to focus on what you want to accomplish . You will be surprised of how precious your personal contribution is to a recipe. 

Traditional recipes are important, but it is not needed to be nostalgic about the past; it should be taken and brought into a bright future. 

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Alice Colombari

Chef de cuisine and patisserie

"I would like to  transmit  my passion for italian cuisine, for my tradition and for the excellences of my home Nation. 

I am trying to walk with my career in both nation in parallel, to start a great cooperation. 

The goal of my life is showing that the over publicized "chef life"can be for women too, and that cooking is all about loving your job and making people feeling at home.


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