Alice in Emilia Romagna 

Alice's documentary about Emilia Romagna is now on Youtube on her personal channel "ITAlice". Have a look and if you like it, subscribe, leave a comment and share it!

Let's cooperate to show how wonderful is our land! 

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Alice offers her knowledge about Italian products, culture and cuisine , to schools , private occasions, group of friends that are interested in learning and enjoying Italian cuisine. During the workshops she'll be telling about the interesting aspect of the products used in the lesson and she will also tell what Food Responsibility is and why we MUST be responsible for what we buy and what we eat. 

Lessons are prepared in advance and organized based on the group and the interests. 

Alice travels also for her workshops all around the country, but also abroad. To discuss the possibilities it's always possible to contact her with details you can find in this website.



Since a couple of weeks ago Alice’s new book is ready and available to be sold. We have now the “first print”of this book, a 100 copies are ready for you.

In this book Alice will not be teaching you about recipes, but she is going to talk about something more personal, something different and deeper. She'll be explaining what being a chef means from her own point of view and what are her concerns about the over publicized “Chef’s life” nowadays , and she is telling also her story from when she moved from Bologna to Groningen to the opening of her Alice Restaurant.

Talking just about recipes and not focusing on what “life” means to anyone doing this job is a big mistake. I would like to show what this life is, from the inside, from my eyes and from my feelings. I want people to pay attention on what a cook does, because his/her food is telling a lot about his/her personality, story and tradition. Respecting food goes through respecting a cook as first, treating him/her as someone who take you into his/her house and who tells you about himself/herself in a deeper perspective”

Alice Colombari

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Alice is the chef of her her own restaurant "Alice Restaurant" . She started in June 2017 and just a few month later in September of the same year, her restaurant was named from the Volkskrant "the best italian restaurant of the Netherlands". She cooks traditional food from her home place, Emilia Romagna and she gives to her dishes her personal touch. She is serving a lot of self imported products , well known all over the world, such as extra old Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan cheese, organic olive oil, salami and wine. She studies all her menus to offer her clients a balanced dinner, focusing on the seasonality of the ingredients. 

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Alice Colombari

Chef de cuisine and patisserie

"I would like to  transmit  my passion for italian cuisine, for my tradition and for the excellences of my home Nation. 

I am trying to walk with my career in both nation in parallel, to start a great cooperation. 

The goal of my life is showing that the over publicized "chef life"can be for women too, and that cooking is all about loving your job and making people feeling at home.



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